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Wild Campfire Stew 150g

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An irresistible grain free, complete recipe made with freshly prepared venison, pheasant and salmon and could be an alternative choice for dogs that may be allergic to the traditional protein sources

It’s made with freshly prepared venison, pheasant and salmon. Each scrumptious serving is packed full of wholesome, tasty vegetables – potatoes (a source of potassium) and butternut squash (packed with vitamins A & C).
We also add in our unique blend of healthy herbs to give your dog some extra goodness in their meal.
Health & safety message:
We use freshly prepared venison in this recipe, so there may be a rare chance of finding a tiny piece of shot. We assure you we take the greatest care and safety measures to ensure there is no shot left in the meat, but very occasionally a small piece may have escaped us.
Venison (40%); Pheasant (15%); Salmon (10%)

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