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Puppy Ear Cleaning Gel 50ml

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Our Puppy Ear Cleaning Gel (50ml) is formulated with Burdock for gentle, effective cleansing and purifying the ear canal.
Actions :
gently cleanse
protects against drying out
Purifies the ear canal
Its method of application, we are using a cannula which allows a gentle cleaning, for your puppy.

Directions of use :
Pour a small amount of product at the entrance of the canal, not in-depth. Gently massage the base of the ear to spread. Then wipe the ear flap with a clean cloth. Renew twice a week. Avoid contact with your puppy’s eyes.

BIOGANCE products are directly inspired by nature and are formulated from organic active ingredients and ingredients of natural origin.

They are guaranteed to be free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, animal oils and are not tested on animals.

The BIOGANCE laboratory has its own Research and Development Center and internalizes all of its manufacturing, packaging and distribution tools. This makes it possible to control the entire value chain and to guarantee a constant quality of its 100% French manufacturing products.

BIOGANCE, a dynamic team where experts, veterinarians, chemists and pharmacists combine their know-how for the greater well-being of our pets.

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