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PHYTOMALT, Hairballs 200ml

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Our PHYTOMALT food supplements (in 200ml) is formulated with Malt and Paraffin,
to help eliminate and prevent the formation of hairballs, while providing a better
digestive comfort.
This food complements comes in the form of a liquid solution, easy to administer
thanks to its measuring cap.

Actions :
eliminates ingested hair and prevents constipation
helps to optimize the intestinal flora balance
helps prevent the formation of new hairballs

Why use it?
Ideal for cats “suffering” from hairballs.
Convenient for kittens over 6 months.

Directions for use:
Shake before use.
Mix 2.5 ml of product with the animal’s food once a day.
1 to 2 months renewable treatment.
PHYTOMALT is not a substitute for a varied diet or drug treatments.

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