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Biogance Cat & Kitten Hygiene Products

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Our clean pads is formulated based on Fruit Acids, to help the strengthening of the pads and rich in Allantoin, an ingredient with healing properties, derived from plants.
Actions :
Helps the strengthening of the pads
Helps heal small wounds and abrasions
Rehydrates* pads
Its lotion form allows faster drying than a balm.

Directions of use :
Spray daily on the pads, or when you’re going out in extreme weather conditions and aggressive lands. Avoid contact with the eyes. Suitable for puppies.

*Moisturizes the superficial layers of the epidermis.

387,500 L.L. excl. VAT

DENTIFRESH® is a natural and effective solution for a healthy dental hygiene, a fresh breath and protected gums. its natural complex of enzymes and Fluor helps to stop tartar buildup.
Actions :
healthy dental hygiene
fresh breath
protected enamel
prevents tartar and dental plaque
The spray allows a more practical application than the use of a toothbrush.
Directions of use:
Shake before use, spray on teeth and gums daily for optimal effectiveness. Avoid contact with eyes.

387,500 L.L. excl. VAT

Our eye lotion (100ml) is formulated with Rose water and Cornflower for a perfect eye contour and mucous membranes hygiene.
Actions :
gently cleans
protects against drying out
does not irritate the mucous membranes
Its method of application , which is using a cotton allows a gentle cleaning, without frightening your animal.

Directions of use :
Apply the cleansing lotion to a soft cotton pad and gently clean the eye area twice a week. Re-start if necessary. Avoid contact with the eyes (use only on the contour) .Suitable for puppies and kittens.

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