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LILY'S KITCHEN, the ROYAL WARRANT award winning and most acclaimed proper pet food brand in the UK, is exclusively available at all LEO & FRIENDS shops
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175,000 L.L.250,000 L.L. excl. VAT

For small sized dogs (1kg – 10kg)
Woofbrush is a dental chew with a difference. Thanks to its clever spongey texture,
this chew gets right down to the gumline to wipe away plaque – and it’s all thanks
to natural ingredients.
Woofbrush has been carefully crafted with help from our pet dental expert to make
sure it works brilliantly, and uses top notch natural ingredients like parsley, coconut oil
and fennel for a proper clean without the added nonsense.
Key ingredients: 2.2% Algae, 0.3% Fennel, 0.1% Coconut Oil.



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600,000 L.L. 450,000 L.L. excl. VAT

This lovely grain free, complete recipe with freshly prepared lamb is utterly
delicious and healthy too.
We add glucosamine and chondroitin to help aid bone and joint support,
prebiotics to try to establish a healthy digestion and L-Carnitine, a natural
substance which can help move and limit storage of fat. This is our lowest
fat recipe, so ideal for hounds trying to lose the pounds!
Key ingredients: 32% Lamb, 21% Sweet Potatoes, 3% Peas


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350,000 L.L. 262,500 L.L. excl. VAT

Our cleaning wipes are 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They allow a gentle cleaning of your animal, thanks to its main ingredient: Organic Calendula.
gently cleans even sensitive areas such as around the eyes, ears and mucous membranes
Its formula is paraben, dye-free, alcohol-free and 99% from natural ingredients.

For which coat?
Suitable for all types of coats. Suitable for puppies and kittens.

Directions of use:
Put the wipe over the entire coat or sensitive areas. Use a new wipe for cleaning each area. Avoid contact with the eyes (use only on the contour).

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